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Asia Pacific Youth Exchange in Thailand


The Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) is a program that responds to the global need of meaningfully including the youth in SDG initiatives. By working with multiple stakeholders in the community and in decision making levels, youth delegates are given a unique opportunity to learn and hone the skills necessary to participate in SDG activities. It also engages UN agencies in the process. The APYE has three main components:

1) Leadership Development Training

Delegates will learn some insights about the relevance, and implementation of the SDGs. Design Thinking and team building will assist them to prepare for local immersion component. The knowledge, skills and tools shared will prepare youth delegates to lead efforts that tackle the SDGs in their own communities.
2) Local Immersion

In partnership with communities, NGOs, social enterprises and local governments, the immersion component challenge youth delegates to co-create sustainable SDG initiatives for the communities. This exposure is a unique opportunity to understand SDG implementation in the community level and the challenges that often beset them.

3) Youth Symposium

A space for delegates to showcase their initiatives related to implement each SDG after their immersion. Various stakeholders such as UN Agencies, Government and Social Enterprises will participate, in order to evaluate, collaborate, incubate and sustain the ideas for the future. Through the career fair youth will be engaged with the opportunities in the future.

WHEN: 9 -22 JANUARY 2017

WHERE: Bangkok, Thailand