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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Don’t miss ‘Udhyami 101’, an event that informs you the basics of starting up in Nepal


Kathmandu, June 30, 2017: Udhyami Seed Camp together with Startups Nepal is hosting a special event this Friday afternoon in Kathmandu. Titled ‘Udhyami101’, and powered by Nepal Telecom, the event is a program where people who are either willing to start a business or have just started their businesses come to learn the basics of starting up a business from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and experts in Nepal.

The event features 4 different sessions: keynote speech on ‘Fundamentals of being an Entrepreneur’, a panel discussion on ‘Basics of starting a Business’, introduction to startup companies from Udhyami Seed Camp, and a concluding keynote on ‘Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs in Nepal’.

Event Highlights:

Keynote speech

Dr Rudra Pandey, a Nepali entrepreneur currently serving as Executive Chairman of Deerwalk Inc., a healthcare analytics company based in Lexington, Massachusetts and the Chairman of Deerwalk Institute of Technology, will be presenting opening keynotes on ‘Fundamentals of being an Entrepreneur’.

Likewise, another keynote speaker will be Narottam Aryal, the Executive Director of King’s College who works with Nepalese especially in the field of business and entrepreneurship since 1999.

Similarly, Rupesh Krishna Shrestha, the co-founder of Idea Studio Nepal and an Assistant Professor and Visiting Faculty Member at KUSOM, will be moderating the program.

Panel discussion

For panelist discussions on ‘Basics of starting a business’, the panelists will be Bina Shrestha, the founder and CEO at Shine Nepal, Sunayana Tamrakar, investment manager at One to Watch and Asgar Ali, the founder and CEO of eSewa.

Startups from Udhyami Seed Camp

This session features an introduction session on startup companies from Udhyami Seed Camp, a rigorous 5-day-long boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs turning ideas into business. This session will make public the startups of entrepreneurs emerged from the camp.

Udhyami 101, an extended part of Udhyami Seed Camp, is especially designed for the aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage founders in Nepal. However, it will also be beneficial for the university students, graduates, professionals, and anyone who would want to start his/her own venture in the near future.

Event Details:

Pre-Registration is mandatory in order to secure your seats at Udhyami101.

To participate, register at: http://bit.ly/2sS55Bz

Ticket Price: Rs.500/-

Date: June 30, 2017

Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Venue: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Hall, Bhrikutimandap