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Audition of ‘Quiz Battle’ begins, aims to recognize and promote talents of visually impaired children


Bharatpur (Chitwan), July 3, 2017: For the first time in Nepal, a unique kind of quiz contest is being organized for visually impaired children.

Speaking amidst a press-meet programme organized in Bharatpur recently, Navin Yadav from ‘Live and Lead International’ organizer of the competition, said the contest aims to encourage the talents of differently abled children across the nation. He also mentioned that audition round of ‘Quiz Battle for Visually Impaired’ is set to be conducted across 55 districts in the nation.

The first round of the audition has already completed in Chitwan. Among the 24 participants, Sunil Thapa and Saurav Bhatta from Jhuwani Higher Secondary School and Devisara Thapa Magar and Rekha Chaudhary of Narayani Model Higher Secondary School have been selected for the second round with 60 points and 50 points respectively.

Yadav also mentioned that they will coordinate with different schools that have admitted visually impaired students so that they reach a wider number of children who are almost neglected by the society in terms of recognizing and honoring their talents.

They plan to take the audition round to Pokhara, then, Butwal, Biratnagar and eventually reach 55 districts. Vijay Lama, Captain on Nepal Airlines, will host all the rounds of the competition after completion of the audition round.

Purna Prasad Dawadi, Principal of Narayani Medium School, which had started admitting visually impaired children 15 years ago expressed that he, along with his students, is equally excited about the contest.

Likewise, various other renowned personalities from different walks of life, including representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chitwan, Muna Gurung, Chief of the District Police Office, Santosh Pant, Assistant Manager of Bharatpur Eye Hospital, Chhaya Shrestha, and Director of Narayani Motors, Balgopal Chuke, expressed hope that this programme will give new dimensions to the youth activities in the country.

Navin Yadav