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Lovely Langtang

I cried when I reached Langtang, but the tears were not for the beauty that surrounded me but for the fear that I might die. The path was really steep…

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Rebuilding a future

Before The 24th day of April 2015 was just another Friday for Bishnu Tamang, a sixth grade student in Shree Nawalpur Secondary School in Sindhupalchowk district. The closing bell rang…

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Thank you, men

Let’s acknowledge the role of good men who help women with their personal and career growth Feminists are those who believe in equal rights and equal access for all women in…

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Green tourism

If tourism and horticulture can be linked Nepal stands to make robust and sustainable economic progress Horticulture and tourism are two sectors with tremendous scope for sustainable development of Nepal. Tourism…

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Ghumphir 2073

Kathmandu, March 3, 2017: Nepal tourism board along with the Facebook page Nepalese in Photography organized a competition, asking all their followers “What is ghumphir for you?” Sujan Subedi, coordinator for…

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Langtang coming back to life

Rasuwa, March 1, 2017: When Langtang valley settlement was devastated by avalanches in April of 2015, the survivors were left with no hopes. 10 Nepal Army personals, 35 foreigners and 175…

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Win-all trade

Women in Baglung, Parbat and Sindhuli districts have greatly increased their income from export of items made from allo Economist Greg Mankiw’s principle that “trade can make everyone better off’’ can…

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No school after marriage

Need to earn a living forces the bride and groom out of school Gorkha, Febraury 27, 2017: Sunita Nepali, 14, eloped with her boyfriend six months ago. Since then, the sixth…

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The air scare

I don’t get it. Why have people stopped fearing for their lives? Do these folks watch more James Bond and Rambo flicks than I do? Little knowledge is supposedly dangerous….

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Pashupati ready for Shivaratri

Kathmandu, February 23, 2017: The Guthi Sansthan has said that it has completed all the celebratory and ritualistic preparations for Maha Shivaratri, a major Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva, to…