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Avoid Shoes Mistakes


15 November, 2015: We make mistakes sometime on shoes unknowingly while getting into that fashionista room. Few are noted here;

Socks with sandals
Socks aren’t supposed to be seen outside your shoes, no matter how fancy they may be. Moreover, you’re making a wrong style statement of sandals by wearing socks with them. Socks with a sandal are never compatible.

Bling stones shoes everywhere
Yes, shoes with blinking stones may be a fashionable but not always. These shoes every day is not at all acceptable. The amount of sparkle every day call is totally unattractive. It sometimes kills your outfit and people are forced to stare at your shoes! Moreover pass on a quiet comment!!

Heels that company your height
We have seen women exceeding the height in very high heels. Who doesn’t love wearing them? They make a woman look graceful and stylish. But you need to consider your height while wearing heels. You need not wear a five-inch heel when your height is already 5′ 7″. Save those for the ones who really need a height boost.


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