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Most Awaited King’s Utsav 2015 Kicks Off


Kathmandu, Jan 8, 2015:An annual flagship national event, ‘King’s Utsav-2015’ started today at UWTC, DECC hall. The program will run for three days focusing on the major three topics i.e Education, Creation and Entertainment. The program was formally inaugurated by the Chief guest, Dr. Swarnim Wagle , representative form National Planning Commission .

The inauguration ceremony started with the views from Mr. Pawan Shrestha, a MBA student of king’s college who focused his view regarding the needs of leadership and other skills for the modern Entrepreneur, the modern education that is necessary for all round development so that “Next level to empowerment and innovation” can be reached.

Dr. Som Parsad Pudasaini, the Chairperson of King’s college then took his time to motivate the youths basically . His major talk was focused on the need of “Dream” that guides people to change and transform their lives. The more educated, the more wiser people having more consciousness. He also made a strong stand of becoming a man of value.

“Kings Utsav is an event to celebrate festival of bonding, relationship and a base to unleash the student’s talent via different corporate and creative challenges. This initiative also contributes to promote the relationship and build networking among the students from different colleges,” Narottam Aryal, Executive Director of the College said, “It adds up energy, determination and temperament to cater the best in individuals to achieve the glory.”

The president of students club, Mr . Mandil Basnet, took his part to explain the concept behind the whole Utsav. He explained the phases of the three day program, the first day that would focus on education, the exhibition that would explore the entrepreneur ventures of various students of different colleges, idea discussion, and educational quiz. The second day would then be more focused on the creative portions of the students i.e film making, photography and many other events. Finally the Third day would be basically made to enhance and promote the Entertainment aspect of the college I.e. band performance.IMG_2350

Mr. Shekhar Golcha, the Director of Golcha Group took his valuable time to express the view about the present scenario of Nepal. He also gave his opinion that besides all the difficulties and challenges, There are ample of opportunities that can be helpful for the future generation to develop the nation.

Very inspiringly, Mrs. Laxmi Sharma, The First Tempo Driver of Nepal shared her glorious past and motivated the youths present the in the event. She also delivered the major limitations that are setting back various organizations and institutions to grow. From her experience of making Laxmi Wood from the dreadful situations and unpleasant circumstances that she faced in life, she told how patience and honesty would ultimately help a business.

She sang her song that has come as an album named “Manko rahar ” lined ,
“jindagima jahile pani hasna sikau sathi , dukkha sanga haat milai bachan sika stahi ” that basically meant to live life with all happiness and glory besides all negative circumstances .

Mr. Jaya Ram Lamichhane, the Immediate past president of “Nepal Nirman Byawasai Sang” expressed how the ambiguous law and political instability had been an obstacle for the development of the modern entrepreneur circle in Nepal. He shared his experience of working as a contractor in various parts of world and expressed his desire to see the youths to enhance their capabilities and work in a an global arena.

The chief guest, Dr. Swornip Wagle , the representative of Nepal Planning Commission, summarized all the basic problems and highlighted the need of change in the various areas for the overall development of the organization.
He focused on the need to create wealth of the nation by enhancing the GDP of the country that basically came from the private sector in a mixed economy like Nepal. He discussed how political instability, ambigious laws and labor problems that actually are very discouraging to the business environment of Nepal. Having shown the basic problems, he also took his time to show how things are changing and basically would help the future generation of people and business entrepreneurs of Nepal. The growth of Energy, sustained political development would help the organization.

According to King’s Students Club, King’s Utsav aims to promote the creativity, leadership and harmony while the program is an ultimate showcase of talents, proficiencies and excellence in wide-ranging areas.

As much as 15 business schools from Kathmandu and two from outside the valley have confirmed their participation in the event so far. The participant colleges are Thames International College, Campion College, Prime College, KCMIT, Himalayan Whitehouse College, KFA, Everest International College, Citizens College, NOC College, St. Xavier’s College, Uniglobe College, NATHM College, Nepal Commerce Campus, TU Central department, Oxford College (Chitwan) and Merryland College (Biratnagar).

The program expects to gather over 10,000 participants including, students, parents, faculty members, professionals, entrepreneurs and other guests. Though the event is free of cost, participants will have to pay Rs 100 as entrance fee for the final/third day competition.

IMS-Samsung Smart Phone is the title sponsor for the program and the event is co-sponsored by CG MotoCorp, powered by Yamaha and supported by Shankar Group, Airtech Industries Pvt Ltd and United Technology Pvt Ltd.

By: Rusha Giri

Photo By: Bikram Pratap


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