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Award winning Hollywood films to be released in Nepal

Kathmandu, March 24, 2017: Film distribution company Apple Enterntainment is gearing up to release three acclaimed Hollywood films-namely, Deepwater Horizon, La La Land, and Moonlight-on March 31. The films will be released in multiplexes around the country; the screenings will run for two weeks.

“Owing to the widespread public interest, we are going to release these award winners so that the audience can get the taste of these films in big screen,” said Jenish Pahari, chairperson at Apple Entertainment. “We hope the audience will welcome our efforts.”

Directed by Barry Jenkins, Moonlight, the winner of Academy Award for Best Picture, tells the story of a black gay man in America and has been hailed as a powerful essay about race, class, sexuality and identity in the US.

Likewise, La La Land—the winner of Academy Awards for Best Director, among others-is a musical involving two struggling artists.

Deepwater Horizon is “a dramatisation of the April 2010 disaster, when the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded and created the worst oil spill in the US history.”

The films will be released amid a function to be held at Labim Mall in Lalitpur on March 31.