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Ayurveda Treatment Services in Bajura


Bajura: District Ayurveda Health Center has been providing Ayurveda treatment services. The services provided in rural areas of Bajura district.

Chief of District Ayurveda Health Center, Ms.Diksha Bhandari said that the center is now providing Ayurveda treatment in the nearby area. Various health conditions for non-communicable diseases such as asthma, acidity, high blood pressure, diabetes, shortness of breath, obesity, among others are treated at the centre.

To provide clinical information about non-communicable diseases, management at the local level wants to take additional steps to inform people about Ayurvedic treatment and its benefits.

Mr.Hari Bahadur Rokaya, president of Gaumul Rural Municipality-3, said that locals were happy to receive Ayurvedic treatment services that were fruitful and effective in the district last year.

Chief District Officer, Mr.Ganga Prasad Neupane has also requested the District Ayurveda Health Center to provide continuous service to them in their homes.

Source: THT