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Baja Nepal: Employment Through Traditional Music


Kathmandu, January 18, 2019: Team Baja Nepal is the winner of Hult Prize Purbanchal University that took place on 29th December, 2018 at Southwestern State College, Kathmandu. The group consists of 3 young men: Mohan Gupta, Ujwal Shrestha and Hirendra Joshi who came up with an idea called Baja Nepal  in the guidance of Sudarshan GC to provide employment opportunities as well as to preserve the tradition of our nation. Before they moved their footsteps forward to the Hult prize, they were working together in Media Lab Nepal where they worked on generating new ideas and implementing them for the better purpose.

Nepal is a country where there are people with different skills and ideas but they don’t have the right platform to conduct them. So what team Baja Nepal decided was, to provide opportunities to those who have original skills on playing  the instruments but are lacking of preferable platform. In a sense of providing the employment for the needy ones specially those in the village areas, they brought this idea in the Hult prize program. They decided to turn those musicians to entrepreneurs. Their plan is to link the rural people to the city areas. There are some groups like Dalits who have been learning to play music since their birth but aren’t being able to use their skill for something resourceful. So, this groups are their major target.

Recently, for the impressive work they did, they are invited to Malaysia. For that they are collecting data and doing research works. Before they just went up with an idea but now, they have already registered their company to prove people that they will do it. They are working as a mediator between the traditional musicians and the customers who are in need for the musicians for different occasions like; marriage ceremony, festivals, rice feeding and other rituals. In a very cheap cost, the customers can get group of musicians for the following festivals whereas the musician can get the employment opportunity and a place to present their skills.

They had come through various challenges among which they mentioned the professionals musicians like local music clubs are the ones due to whom the original musicians are not getting the stage to accomplish their ability. Meanwhile, they also had a problem in meeting the criteria of Hult prize. They were limited to meet the demands of 10,000 people but they succeed on fulfilling the need of more than that. The idea of Baja Nepal helped them encounter their achievement.

Beside this, their innovative and unique idea was able to win the ideology of the two judges who decided to cooperate with them. They handed Rs 1,40,000 as a support for their work. Support of ‘Baja Sangralaya” helped them in conquering their target. With a very low investment, they were able to provide employment opportunity and preserve the tradition of our country. Their distinctive intention brought them so far to success. They have established their own company to generate entrepreneurs. To fulfill the demand of traditional musicians, they have brought out a digital way of connecting them to their concern field. They are in process of making their work more wider and broad.