Bajeko Sekuwa Opens its first international outlet in New York

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New York, April 16, 2018: Well established with thirteen branches in the country already, Bajeko Sekuwa has started its first international branch in the US now. The opening ceremony held in Queens Blvd, Sunny Side, New York saw performance  of some acclaimed Nepali artists and guests.

The Nepali artists who performed at the inauguration ceremony saw artists like Ram Krishna Dhakal, Jagadish Samal, Gita Burlakoti and DJ LS from New York itself. The well accounted number of guests were seen enjoying various Neapalese cuisines and drinks including the famous ‘SEKUWA’ offered by the outlet .

‘Finally, I feel close to Nepalase Food and Nepal.’, said Deepak Bhandari who was present at the opening event.

Chetan Bhandari, Chairman of Bajeko Sekuwa informed that 6 more new outlets are being planned in the US by 2024. He said he was confident about hitting the right notes in the business in the US and elsewhere with the brand name and dependable team.

It is also learned that the franchise has plans to open its outlets in countries like Qatar, Australia and Finland, the sources informed.