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Basis of sustainable economic development a must for graduation from LDC


Kathmandu, May 11: Nepal should create a basis for a sustainable economic development should be in order to graduate into the developing country from the status of Least Developed Country status. Speakers at an interaction program organized by the Bangladeshi embassy in Kathmandu said.

The speakers including the former Prime Minister of Nepal, Madhav Kumar Nepal highlighted modernization and commercialization of agriculture, construction of airports, fast track, and well-equipped hotels for tourism, maximum use of information and communication technology, operation of special economic zone, expansion and assurance of sustainability of production and service sector as major ingredients for the transformation.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Kathmandu in a collaboration with Institute for Strategic and Socio-Economic Research (ISSR) had organized a Seminar on “LDC Graduation Process of Bangladesh:Learning for Nepal” . The seminar was organized to share its experience on the graduation, its learning and the lessons countries like Nepal could learn to follow their example.

Mashfee Binte Shams, Bangladesh’s ambassador to Nepal thanked Nepal for its moral and physical support for Bangladesh’s independent movement, while asserting age-old relations between Nepal and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh had received UN recognition of the meeting the LDC graduation in March 2018.

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