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Beauty of Life


Life is mostly made up of routines and patterns. Every day we act them out and they are what make up the bulk of our lives. Many of us live according to a socially acceptable template, within the realm of safety, while living repetitively and dreaming of ways to escape.

We often get inundated with our To-Do lists or get caught up in the drama of things that aren’t important. Realizing that beauty exists in every moment is possible; it simply takes a way of seeing things a bit differently. Boredom due to routine is a creation of the mind. In reality, there are no ordinary or extraordinary moments. There is beauty everywhere. If you truly understand this, you can look at any ordinary object and find beauty in its existence.

What all of these things have in common is presence. The more you’re living in the present moment, the more bliss you allow to come into your life. If you’re always living in the future, always seeking something, you’re rejecting what Is – you’re never actually here to experience the miracle of life, right now.

If you can just practise these three things, your life will start to transform dramatically. You’ll begin to tap into your inner integrity and live authentically. You can’t live in acceptance and not be authentic. And if you’re living authentically, you naturally move into a state of bliss.

The world conspires for you to be happy, not unhappy. It is all a matter of perspective, of stepping back and taking a good look at the world around you. How can you ever be bored, depressed, frustrated, annoyed or jealous in a world of such infinite possibility?

When we’re going through rough times – health problems, relationship problems, financial problems – we experience the pain of life not unfolding as we wish it would. From our standpoint, it’s a problem.  But from Life’s standpoint, it’s just life.

When we are confronted with the idea of giving up at that point of time that helpless situation perhaps is opening new doors for us as life is full of surprises and possibilities.

The essence of life is that it’s challenging. Sometimes it is sweet, and sometimes it is bitter. There are dreary, rainy days and there are beautiful, sunny days. Most of us prefer the latter. We prefer sunny and sweet, to dreary and bitter. But we have to learn to cope with and work through the dreary, bitter and even painful chapters of life.

  • Swikriti Khadka