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Because Less is more: Food


The ardent love for food is indeed one’s way of paying a homage to their cultural legacy. Food indeed reflects the cultural footprints. Also, food is one’s identity. Identity because the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. It is evident that the recipes of Grandmothers still tops the secret of Michelin chefs in making this an art. It is because you do not need fancy chopping, sophisticated cooking and ingredients for food to be lip smacking. Rather, follow the simple rule of ‘less is more’ and have your ingredients on board, your ship will sail right.

Growing up amidst Newari families where you get Sagoon on each birthday and being invited on Naktya during Jatras, Food for me, is a celebration. It is a celebration of togetherness and bonding, of laughter and merry.

Kathmandu is a home to food treasure. Every lane here has a unique taste to offer. The fried and the steamed, from savory to sweet and from many local to international delicacies, food culture here is evolving in nature. Amidst everything, Newari delicacy is what completes being a Kathmanduite.

Source: We all Nepali

Being an avid food lover, I do not hesitate to say that Bara-Aloo and Bhoye Achar is my favorite. Its every bite is memorable, the food is magical and the plate is so legendary. Literally speaking, this food is a treat to your eyes as well as stomach. Bara is round shaped and is made from black lentils that is soaked in water overnight. The lentils, then is grinded to form a paste and Bara is cooked on a pan just like pancakes. What makes it different is the flavor to choose from, plain Bara, egg-Bara and meat Bara. It is full of protein as well as is a healthy diet. Similarly, Fried- Aloo is a very simple dish to cook. The boiled potatoes are stir fried in a mix of different masalas that makes it tastier. Lastly, Bhoye Achar is a dish that completes a Newari meal. It is an instant pickle that is made from fresh cucumber, radish, carrot, peas and other ingredients. The tanginess from lemon and garnishing is where its essence lies. While there are many other non-vegetarian food items to choose from, I choose to keep my plate simple and fulfilling with these three items.

So, take out some time to indulge yourself into tasting these food. You can find it at any local food joint at reasonable prices and share your Newari food experience.

By: Anusha Kadel