Power Shift NEPAL is a call for action to youth of Nepal to actively lead in co-creating a sustainable and a climate-smart Nepal.

Power Shift Nepal is formed in this spirit by Nepali participants at the Istanbul summit to have a similar action-focused summit geared towards youth in Nepal. Global Power Shift (GPS) began with an international summit of youth climate leaders held in Istanbul, Turkey, June 24-30, 2013. This summit was organized by the US-based environmental organization 350.org, an organization well-known for its environmental activism led by Bill McKibbens. Global Power Shift movement advocates on divestment from fossil fuel and promotion of cleaner energy globally, highlighting the impacts and urgency of the climate crisis, and promoting solutions that will work for people and the planet. Climate change is a global challenge with a lot of local consequences.

In Nepal what we find is that there is a growing awareness on climate change issues with limited concrete actions with impactful results.

‘I am a Power shifter”  is a campaign launched by Power Shift Nepal to challenge this status with aim to raise the bar on climate action and inspire young people to not just talk about climate change but act concretely on it. Where youth are empowered with knowledge on climate change and its related issues along with the possible solution followed by the implementation of different findings and further disseminate it.

“I Am a Power Shifter” is a network of youth from different districts, different background and different institutions acting together for a single cause, a common theme; a theme that they believe, is instrumental in fighting against climate change.

Communicating with each, respecting ideas of each other, and promoting solutions on ways to address issues of climate change in Nepal, awakening communities and fellow friends with vision that knowledge sharing and capacity building are some of the first steps in building more aware and sensitize communities.

Starting with developing a common understanding of the issue, the philosophy of working on the notion of personal development along with the capability to work in team for the cause through direct action.

Power Shift Nepal organized a 3 day training session in Kathmandu. During the training the youth internalizedthe meaning of power shift – sharing of knowledge, sharing responsibility to ensure sustainability. Divided into five different themes – Promoting Eco friendly Behavior, Alternative Energy Solutions, Promoting Eco friendly Business, Research and Policy and Art and creative activism, each team started from team building to developing action plan. These plans and activities targets behavioral change from the school level, initiatives to manage solid waste, research on existing climate change policy and loopholes in its execution, finding and filling gaps for promoting alternative energy, incorporating environment and business for sustainable economy, exploration and documentation of success stories of eco-friendly business and climate movements, problems caused by climate change and sharing the issues along with its solutions in 2.5 month.

In June 5 the first batch of Power Shifters had graduates with knowledge, network and capability to spread the word of action, awake and act. In coming days this group will go to different part of the country to conduct similar programs to develop chain of campaigners, group of concern citizens, a critical mass in global action against climate change. Help spread the message be a power shifter!


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