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Begin your Dashain holidays enjoying LIVE performances by Dharmendra Sewan & Trio and supporting for a cause


This year, you can have an opportunity to welcome the festival of Dashain enjoying the live performances by Dharmendra Sewan & Trio.

To be held on October 7 at Club 25 Hours Attic in Naxal, the event ‘Play For A Cause: An Evening With Dharmendra Sewan & Trio’ will also see slam poetry and traditional dance performances.

Being organized by ‘Youth For Change’ (YFC), a transparent entity of a team of youths wanting to bring a positive impact in the society, the funds collected from the event will be utilized to buy a transportation vehicle for the Nitin Cerebral Palsy Society, an organization looking after the children with the disease ‘Cerebral Palsy’ by conducting recreational activities and physiotherapy and helping them out in becoming independent.

The programme will also see the projection of a documentary showcasing the kids of Nitin Cerebral Palsy Society.

“Out of all the bills of resources the cerebral palsy society pays, transportation is the most expensive one and as they have kids coming from around different parts of the town, we planned to buy them a vehicle as a Dashain gift,” says Mr. Prashanna Shakya from YFC talking about the idea behind organizing the eve to support the cause.

The ticket price for the event is set as Rs.750.

So, why don’t you be a part of the event and support for a cause this festival season?


Venue: Club 25 Hours Attic, Naxal

Date: 21 Ashwin 2073 (7 October 2016), Friday

Time: 6:00 PM onwards

YOUTH FOR CHANGE is an active youth led organization working for the betterment of the society. A team formed by mobilizing the youths who wanted to make a positive impact in the society, the organization aspires to motivate the energetic youths to make a difference in the country.