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The beginning of an exciting journey


25th November was the best day of our life. It was the day when we were to start our first session of EmpowHER Junior 2017. The feeling of excitement arises within us when we are about to start something new in our life. We experienced the same feeling when we were about to start our journey. This was the first time we had participated in a program like this so, I (Sanskriti) planned of going to the venue, Ujyalo Foundation at Lazimpat on my own whereas I (Sparcy) went with my brother.

Our session officially started from 9 am with a basic introduction of all the changemakers. Then we all were asked few questions about the changemaker handbook of EmpowHER Junior. Likewise, we played an introductory game in a pair of two. All of our eyes had been covered with a black paper mask. We all were taken to a room where two of us were kept. Then we shared about our hobbies, likes and dislikes. After sharing the information we had to guess who the other person in the room was. It was funnier when we came to know we were together as we have known each other since two years. We both were very entertained with this game.

Again, we were the buddies for the day and were going to spend the entire session with each other. And also were given the responsibility of Session Representative. We felt very fortunate to be the Session Representatives of our very first session. It was informed to us that we had to bring a thing that represented us. So, it was the time to reveal what we had brought along with us. I (Sanskriti) had a cricket ball and I (Sparcy) had a diary. We had a quick discussion on why we had brought the particular thing as our representation of us. Then we were explained about the points we would get after winning different kinds of fun activities. I (Sanskriti) earned the first 2 points for answering a question. I had a big smile on my face for earning the points. Then we discussed about the common things we had among ourselves. Now, it was the time for us to decide the core values of EmpowHER Junior. With the unity of all the change makers we finalized our core values which are Self-confidence, Resilience and Empathy. Following the schedule, it was the time for us to have our lunch. We ate our lunch and spent quality time getting to know about everyone.

It was again the time for us to be engaged in various kinds of activities. We acted in pairs on the topic etiquette and gratitude. We got ‘Shoe rack etiquette’ where I (Sparcy) played a negative role and I (Sanskriti) played the role of a good girl. It was really fun to act in front of everyone. Then we discussed about our goals in life, things we wanted to change in the world and the barriers that might stop us from succeeding in our goals. After a long and serious discussion, we burst a balloon filled with our inner critics and felt free from those fears. It was almost end of the session when we were given a sheet to fill and had to write a news article which was very exciting. This was basically a task where we had to use our creativity and make our news the best. Before heading back home, we got to taste the brownies baked by one of the changemakers for all of us.  It was really sweet of her to give us all the delicious brownies.

The day ended with countless experiences and memories. Also, we gained knowledge about many new things that is definitely going to play a vital role in shaping our future. We also got an opportunity to make new friends. We would like to express our profound gratitude to the entire family of EmpowHER Junior 2017 for giving young girls like us a platform to explore ourselves and pushing young girls like us towards a brighter future.

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By Sanskriti Phuyal and Sparcy Mainali

The writers are EmpowHER Junior Changemakers.

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