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Beijung Bans Public Smoking


June 1, 2015: After the new law smoking in Chinese capital is banned. 300 million of Chinese are smokers and more than a million people die in China due to smoking related disease.

The people cant smoke in restaurants, offices and on public transport in Beijing. Thousand of officials will enforce the rules.

According to new law lawbreakers will be fined 200 yuan (£21; $32) and the businesses who breaks the law will be fined 10,000 yuan.

The world health organization has welcomed the new law. According to WHOs representative in China, Dr Bernhard Schwartlander “due to the new law the people in Beijing can breathe fresh air in indoor palaces and it will also protect more than 20 million passive smokers.

Yang Gonghuan, former vice-director of China’s centre for disease control said that the decision of banning public smoking is unrealistic as most of the people in Beijing is smoker.



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