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Betana draws growing score of domestic tourists


Pathari, 15 Oct 2014: The flow of domestic tourists visiting Betana wetland area in Belabari-9, Morang has gradually gone up after boat service has come into operation in a local pond here.

It is learnt that the private vehicle owner domestic tourists coming from eastern region and heading to eastern side enjoy boating in the pond, which is very close to the highway.

There is increasing flow of domestic tourists to enjoy sight-seeing around Betana and it is a different delight to sail boat in the pool at Betana, said Chairperson of Betana Wetland Conservation Committee Iran Rai.

The presence of rare species of tortoise, disappearing swan, water crow and eagle, among others has also attracted increasing inflow of tourists here.

Betana is a habitat for six different species of tortoise.

The committee has demanded budget with the government for the conservation of tortoise. The score of tourists visiting Betana has reached up to 1,500 in a day during festive and picnic season, according to the committee.

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