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Bhaktapur Municipality introducing its own curriculum


Bhaktapur, April 22, 2018: From this academic session, Bhaktapur municipality has launched local curriculum for class 1 and 6 in schools within the area.

The Bhaktapur Municipality is the first local-level introducing its own curriculum as an objectives that promulgates knowledge about history, geography, art and culture, local health treatment method and sports of Bhaktapur.

Sunil Prajapati a Mayor stated that by Local Curriculum Preparation Task Force the curriculum was introduced from this academic session.

Yogendraman Bijukchhe, a Task Force Coordinator, also said that the local curriculum would help transfer the local knowledge and skill to the new generation.

As the information,  the curriculum was prepared for incorporation by 11 subjects including the naming of Khwopa, its history, local culture and local heritage and arts.

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