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Bhaktapur settlements inundated

Bhaktapur settlements inundated
Bhaktapur settlements inundated

Bhaktapur, Aug. 27: Hundreds of dwellings in Bhaktapur and Thimi have been inundated due to the flash flood following the torrential rain this morning.

The flooding caused by the swollen Hanumante rivulet has submerged large swathes of areas along its banks, throwing life out of gear. Most settlements in Bhaktapur and Madhyapur are fully inundated.

The floodwaters entered the Bhaktapur settlements at 5 am and the Madhyapur Thimi settlements since 9 am, prompting panic among the locals. Many saved their lives fleeing to higher ground.

Hundreds of houses around the Araniko Highway, a hospital, schools, the temporary camp for earthquake survivors, Jagati- Chyamhasingh area, Bhelukhel, Rammandir and Barahisthan are the worst affected areas due to the deluge.

The temporary camp housing some 850 earthquake survivors at the Maheshwari playground in Bhaktapur Municipality has been completely inundated. People started fleeing after floodwater started gushing into the camp early in the morning.

“There was panic all over in the camps after floodwater all of a sudden entered the camp at 5 when most people were in bed. Some people ran out holding kids, some others were seen dragging the elderly people unable to walk, there was no time left to take out household goods, food and stuff. It was even hard to save oneself,” Radhika Tatwi, one of the camp dweller, described the scene.

Nepal Army and police personnel rescued many people in the camp. Most of the houses in the area were submerged up to the first floor after the floodwater from the rivulet flowed into the settlements breaching the road.

Similarly, many settlements in Madhyapur Thimi area are also inundated due to the flash flood.

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