Bheri bus accident probe report blames over-speeding and overload

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Bheri bus accident probe report blames over-speeding and overload

Jajarkot,4 Dec 2014: The bus that plunged into the Bheri River on November 20, claiming the lives of more than 40 people, is learnt to have occurred due to ‘over loading’ and ‘over-speeding’, an investigation report states.

The report prepared by the ‘incident investigation and study’ team submitted the report to Jagat Basnet, the Chief District Officer, Jajarkot, today which affirms that the accident took place owing to cramming more passengers in the bus than its seating capacity.

The report also points out that the accident occurred due as the driver lost control of the bus because of over-speeding.

The bus (Na 3 Kha 1408), according to the report, plunged into the river while attempting to give side to a tractor (Bhe 1 Pa 215) that was coming from the opposite direction.

The report also unveils that the Mid-West Bus Entrepreneurs Association attempted to fudge the number of passengers on-board to the police, citing the lesser number on-board and also allowed to carry bigger number of passengers in the bus than it could carry.

The team formed in coordination of Shivraj Sedhai, the Assistant Chief District Officer, comprised 6 members from various professionals working in the district.

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