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Bhotedaha lake conservation for irrigation facilities


Dang, February 15, 2016: In order for the conservation of a lake for irrigating the lands in the nearby areas the locals have united at Rampur VDC in Dang District.

Since the productivity of the land was reduced due to lack of irrigation facility, the locals started working together. They are currently working for the conservation of Bhotedaha (lake) and wetland areas in order to irrigate as high as 40 bigha land.

Locals have done commercial vegetable farming and have grown seasonal crops by using the water of the wetland and lake, said Rammani Pandey, a local resident.

Rs 300,000 each were given to the locals from the Transformation for Lake Conservation and District Soil Conservation Office for the conservation bids.

The wells in the villages have also seen water level coming up after the lake conservation, said Chairman of community forests users’ group, Tilakram Poudel.



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