Home Entertainment When Big B decoded a kiss for Jaya Bachchan

When Big B decoded a kiss for Jaya Bachchan

When Big B decoded a kiss for Jaya Bachchan

16 November,2014: After Delhi embraced the Kiss of Love campaign to try and remove the taboo attached to kissing, we find out what lengths Bollywood has gone to to hide the smooch.

Remember the days when mommy would make you skip the end of Titanic and your cousin would later tell you that it was because the actors were going to K.I.S.S? Or the time when you wondered why movie after movie in Bollywood had the flower fluttering scene? Till not long ago, kissing in front of an audience used to be a very big deal.

But now, it’s years later, you are a grown-up, and not only has our cinema embraced on-screen kissing, in real life too, kissing in public seems to have finally arrived. Following the lead of Kochi’s Kiss of Love campaign, students from Delhi, Mumbai , Hyderabad as well as Kolkata are expressing their right to kiss publicly without the moral police telling them to feel ‘shame’. As we are beginning to bid goodbye to the taboo attached with kissing openly – on-screen as well as off-screen – if you ever feel like looking back and laughing at the prudes, Bollywood gives you enough fodder. Here’s a list of some of the most ‘ingenious’ ways in which kissing has been suggested but averted in the movies.

Source:The Times of India


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