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Bigg Boss 8: Day 65: Praneet Becomes A Hero And Sonali Earns Flak

Bigg Boss 8 Day 65 Praneet Becomes A Hero And Sonali Earns Flak
Bigg Boss 8 Day 65 Praneet Becomes A Hero And Sonali Earns Flak

26 November,2014: Last night’s Bigg Boss 8 episode saw a lot of emotions, both good as well as bad. While someone became the villain of the house, the other became the hero of the house.

Well, the morning started with a complaint- Renee told Upen that she was being ignored by the much in demand Bigg Boss 8 group- P3G, but she also sounded confident of being friendly with the most acclaimed group of the Bigg Boss 8 house.

Some time later came in the very famous luxury task in the house, which saw a lot of emotions. The luxury task was in the form of an app that would allow the Bigg Boss 8 inmates to fulfill their wishes. The battery was not supposed to end up at 0% else the task would have been abandoned.

Sonali Raut became the selfish person this time who took the battery down to 42% by choosing 2 wishes, one being her fans’ opinions about her and the other being her sister’s letter. Of course, she earned a lot of flak for it later too!

Dimpy, on the other hand saw the truth that was hiding beneath her. She went into a state of shock knowing that her friends Puneet, Pritam, Gautam, Ali, Diandra were speaking cruel behind her back.

Of course, the Gautam- Diandra flirting continued. But, on the other hand Praneet sacrificed a date with his girlfriend Kanchan because he was thinking about the other housemates, since the battery left was only 26%. Praneet became the hero in an instant. Diandra chose her make-up and hair colour, thus lowering the battery further to 11%.

Now came a state of panic since Bigg Boss 8 contestants were still left to fulfill their wishes, and not much battery was left. But Bigg Boss gave a solution to the same as he asked Upen andRenee to extract 72 batteries from cowdung. While Renee refused, Upen sportingly removed 61 batteries, which rose the battery level to 72%

Gautam got his sweetest gift. He met his mother in the confession room, and was given a hug by everyone (yes, including Karishma Tanna too!) when he came out of the confession room.

Everybody blamed Sonali for the fact that Praneet could not meet his girlfriend Kanchan, who was waiting for him on the doorsteps of Bigg Boss 8. But Sonali, in her usual style shrugged it out. Well, the only question that now arises is that will Sonali survive another day in the house of Bigg Boss 8?



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