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Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar ousted; Gautam breaks down


5 November,2014: Controversial reality show Bigg Boss never misses a chance to amuse viewers. After an interesting episode where Karishma Tanna hogged the limelight for her selfish ways, it’s time to witness another shocker in tonight’s episode.

Puneet Issar aka Duryodhan of Mahabharat has been ousted from the show as he was accused of using physical force on co-contestant Aarya Babbar. The news came as a surprise to all the contestants including Gautam who broke down after hearing the news of Puneet’s elimination from the show.

Sources inform that during a luxury budget task ‘Unchi Hai Building’ housemates were divided into two groups. Team A included, Sonali, Pritam, Gautam, Puneet, Sushant whereas Team B had included, Aarya, Karishma, Ali, Diandra, and Praneet respectively. The task required one team at a time to build a tower out of the given wooden blocks. While the team constructs the tower as wide as the wooden base given to them stacking up the blocks one by one upon each other, simultaneously one member from the same team was required to constantly rotate a big metallic wheel beside the construction site. The opposite team had to distract them from accomplishing the task.

Team A was the first team to start the task. As soon the task started Aarya from team B went and stops Puneet from moving it. Puneet gets very upset at this and charges towards Aarya while taking him down on the ground using his physical strength. The task has to be stopped mid-way as instructed by Bigg Boss. Shocked and hurt, Aarya starts shouting at Puneet asking him, how he could use his physical strength while performing the task.

Due to the incident, Bigg Boss gathers all the housemates at night in the living area and states sternly that Puneet’s behaviour with Aarya was intolerable. Puneet gets disqualified from the house and is asked to pack his bag and leave immediately. Gautam, who has been really close to Puneet was seen crying after Puneet’s exit as the latter was his support system in the house. Though, Gautam breaks down crying, he manages to not to reveal his emotional side to other contestants.

Source:The Times of India


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