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The Biggest Debate Tournament Concludes

The Biggest Debate Tournament Concludes
The Biggest Debate Tournament Concludes

The  biggest of it’s kind in the debating scenario in Nepal ,  All Kathmandu Debating Championship (AKDC) ,2015 concluded on 17th  January, Sunday amidst a grand event.

AKDC has served to encourage the young talents by providing them with opportunity to debate on various amazingly interesting topics. The event has been claimed as one of the best of it’s kind in terms of participation, management and success.
The event has been one of the biggest of its kind with better sessions, more debate and qualitative in terms of debating system. The event was jointly organized by Interact District Council and Debate Yatra with the sponsorship of IIEC Consultancy and Mega Bank.
The finals was held on the motion “This house supports A National Minimum Wages “ on which 2 finalist teams debated.

The final was held after various sessions of intellectual discussions and critical analysis by various students from different  academic institutions. There were over 24 teams that went to more than 100 Number of debates on various topics with a pre workshop of two days. Similarly , the group stages were held for 2 days and finally the last two days concluded with semis and final. The final was held between the teams of Rato Bangla school and Chelsea international.
This event also focused on enhancing the capabilities and performance of various adjudicators who were given a 1 day juridiction test and 1 day briefing  . The debate concluded with various speakers who put light on the need of debating culture to enhance the critical thinking of various youths.

Debate is a very sought out event in  the western scenario that enhances the ability to look at things in a wider and varied perspective. AITM has served to enhance the real capabilities and analytical perspective of the young minds that has a motive to encourage people to come into rational conclusions by the independent understanding on various topics.

Mr. Karna Shakya , the prominent writer took his time to express  the pleasure of watching the debaters put forward the arguments and also motivated the youths to develop in them the capabilities to lead their life in their own country. The Event also awarded certificates and prizes to 10 best speakers, volunteers and adjuridictor.

By:Rusha Giri


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