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Bikalpa Farmer’s Mart: Creating the Real Market Place


Bikalpa Farmers’ Market is a collective effort of like-minded people who come together with the motive to establish a creative breathing space, a real platform or a market place for exchanging ideas, experiences and products. It is also a place for fun activities, help support the Eco-friendly environment. The market is a part of Bikalpa Art Center, a creative hub.

The Bikalpa Farmer’s Market aims to develop a green, ecological, sustainable society. Our main goal is to bring awareness about the products that we consume every day by offering/ catering with wise selection of fresh organic vegetables and foods products along with up-cycled and unique Nepali products with ethical/ sustainable norms and values.

The market will take place every Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, however, the creative activities will take place in three different sessions from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm. The kids will sign up for activities and we will have different activities every alter Saturday.

There are four major sections of the market:

  • Fresh/ Organic Vegetable and Food Products
  • The Thrift Store with swap/ repair service/ Up-Cycled goods and products
  • Unique Nepali Products
  • Kids Day Out (fun activities for kids on sign up basis)

Story Behind its Initiation

Mahima Singh, the Co-Founder of Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) thought of an idea to start Bikalpa Farmer’s market which is not the same farmers market that is available. Some activities may be same but its main target is to collect like-minded people who share similar ideas and interests and create a common ground platform/ a creative breathing space in this chaotic surroundings. Bikalpa’s Farmer’s Market is not just a market place to promote the suppliers/ entrepreneurs/ SMEs bit it is an actual platform of exchanging experiences and products, learning and sharing activities, eco- friendly environment and sustainable society.

Mrs.Singh says that she is trying her hard to make Bikalpa a 100% plastic-free zone bring the whole supply chain system onto 0% waste. The Thrift Store is a part of the initiation and that helps feed the idea of an ecological, environment-friendly and sustainable society. It creates a recycling community by reducing waste and pollution. She also says that we are living in a world where sustainability, eco-friendliness, recycling- upcycling has become the keywords.

In this journey, she is not alone as it is mentioned above. She has a gorgeous group of young, energetic and talented individuals who shares similar knowledge. And she is also open for any kind of collaborations.

The date for Bikalpa’s Brand New Farmers’ Market has been announced and it’s on February 29, since then in EVERY SATURDAY 8:30 AM – 01:00 PM.

Venue: The Market will be held at the Bikalpa’s premises in Pulchowk, in front of the Sajha Petrol Pump, along the M&S Tower.

For more information: https://bikalpacenter.com/farmersmarket/