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Bio-Diversity Conservation Campaign


Kathmandu, July 28,2015: With the view of conserving the bio-diversity more than 1,000 plants of various species have been planted in Yagyadol Community Forest in Gokarna.

On Monday in the premises of National Martyrs and Peace Memorial Park plants having medicinal importance including Tulsi, Kush, mugwort, Khareto, Kapur, Babari, Harro (Chebula), Barro (Belerica), Amala and Cupressaceae and others were planted.

Chairman of Memorial, Sudarshan Sigdel on the occasion said, a new action plan would be unveiled soon for the conservation of the bio-diversity with the joint collaboration of the government and private sectors.

Further it is said that the medicinal herbs would also be planted in five other parks by establishing plants conservation area.


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