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By: Prabin Basyal

“Why is this day so special? When it’s still one month remaining for the day to arrive, we start breathing heavy on countdown. The day finally arrives and passes as a blink. Not even letting us realize that we will have to wait 365 more days after few hours from then. Neither is there much of a change in the daily routine except for ‘pujas’ for traditionalists and parties and gatherings for moderns. Students as usual go to schools, office personnel to as usual to office, and others as per their activities to be done. So why is this day so special?”

This is something one may think before the day arrives. I was feeling the same. But, when at 12am, your brother disturbs your sound sleep, then you don’t get angry, rather surprised, shocked and overwhelmed to find candles lighting in cake in front of your eyes and birthday song and clapping reverberating in your ears, this is when this day starts being special for you. When you enter your college class, see the board decorated for you and find every friend clapping and singing and teasing with your pet name and you still have a smile, this is when the day starts being lovely.

Then I came to a deduction about why this day needs to be a special one. It’s because of the joy you feel on realizing that you are a special one for lots. It’s because of the fun you get on reading and responding flooded wishes, live and online. It is because of the special image of love that you see in your relative’s eyes on the day. It’s because of the heavy breathe you have on waiting your dearest and special ones to wish. It’s also because you get plenty presents as well. All in all, it is because of the feeling of being under the spotlight for whole one day. So thanks to everybody who made me be under spotlight.

At childhood, birthday for me meant a day when you don’t get teacher’s punishment even on not doing homework. These days, I realize it is a day when you are kept with a crown on your head. I don’t want these feelings of birthdays to pass away with time. Being specific, I don’t like the way my parents and other aged ones ignore their birthdays. If it is natural phenomenon to have this attitude for birthdays gone with time, then I would say: I don’t support natural phenomena, I don’t want my ‘inner me’ to pass with time. Let me be as I am in my birthdays at this age.


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