Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’, Where People Are Participating In The Most Dangerous Race In The World (Photo Feature)

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August 8, 2017: Bolivia has emerged as a destination for thrill seekers in the recent times. And the country’s North Yungus Road in the La Paz region is the top attraction. Nicknamed the ‘Death Road’ by locals, the 56 km stretch has earned itself a bad reputation.

Every year, nearly 300 people lose their lives in accidents here. But that has only made it more appealing for thrill seekers. To satisfy them, every year, the SkyRace cycle and running event takes place. The road is just a few meters wide at places with a drop of thousands of feet just inches from the tyres. Here are some pictures from this year’s event.

1. Travelling the Death Road on a bicycle is among Bolivia’s most popular tourist attractions.

2. A participant of the Skyrace competition runs on the “Death Road”.

3. Cyclists rest during the Skyrace competition in 15,000ft descent “Death Road”.

4. A participant of the Skyrace competition running on the most dangerous road in the world.

5. The road is built at an altitude of 15,000ft and is only gravel at most places.

6. Ronald de la Riva reacts after winning the Skyrace competition.

7. Cyclists cycle near Chuspipata region during the Skyrace competition.

8. Participants of the Skyrace competition take rest at a Red Cross tent. High altitude takes a toll on the runners.

9. A participant of the Skyrace competition runs even as fog envelopes the region.

10. A participant of the Skyrace competition rest after running.

11.  A participant of the Skyrace running the road thins out to just three metres at the 700-metre mark of the journey.

12. Cyclists wait their turn to ride down the world’s most dangerous road.

13. The ‘death road’ is an important transport route for locals, but is notorious for accidents.

14. Pamela Cusicanqui reacts after winning her category in the Skyrace competition, which took place on the “Death Road”.