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What The Book Club: Promoting Reading Culture in Pokhara


“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy books, and that’s kind of the same thing.” Indeed, for any book lovers, they discover happiness in their life as they flip pages by pages of their favorite books. Among the youths, there are many of them who enthusiastically read books, share about it and have made reading their lifestyles. Fictions, poems, journals, biographies, non-fictions; the genre may vary, but the reading culture has engaged significant number of young guns.

Talking about Pokhara, there is large group of people who are intrigued by reading books than any other things. The city has inspired many writers and poets to produce their best works and now, the youths from Pokhara have come up with their own official group to promote the reading culture among Pokhrelis- ‘What The Book Club’.

“We used to meet many people in Pokhara who enjoyed reading books. There are many youths my age who can spend hours talking and reviewing the latest book they read. This was the reason behind the formation of What The Book Club. We have tried to make this a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas and opinions, meet creative, enthusiastic and highly motivated book lovers and promote the reading culture in Pokhara.”- Abinass Baral, President, What The Book Club.

Abinass Baral, President, What The Book Club

The monthly book discussion program has become the most successful work of the club. After the inception of the club in Baishak 2074, it has organized eight book discussion sessions inviting the interested audience and littérateur in the city to discuss over a chosen books. It is conducted on the first Saturday of every month. Both the readers of English and Nepali novels have become the part of the program as the books are chosen on the alternate basis. Sumnima, The Great Gatsby, Loo, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Shirish Ko Fool, Animal Farm, Narendra Dai and Looking for Alaska has been brought to the discussion already.

With the motto of ‘Read and Breed’, the Club has initiated some other ideas too. Book is Cool is spreading the message that books are intriguing and reading them is cooler among the school students. The club has tried to reach the school students through interactive sessions in the school itself. “Recently we reached to the students in Sishu Niketan Secondary School to help the students get interested in novels and books. We want to reflect how a hobby of reading can become a lifestyle. Similarly, we also provide a platform for aspiring bloggers and writers to publish their writings on our blog,” shares Abinass Baral.

If you are in Pokhara and interested to meet the ardent young readers, join WTB’s 9th edition of Monthly Book Discussion- Palpasa Café, at the American Corner next month (6th Magh, 2074).

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By: Prashant Bhandari