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Born out of a traditional paper company, E-class is helping schools go paperless


Hardik Shah, Founder and Director of E-class Education System Ltd., is simplifying the process of learning by making basic education accessible to all.

All work and no play, does make Jack a dull boy.

In an education system such as ours, which is based on rote-learning, the sheer importance given to numbers in a report card is too much of a burden for little shoulders.

In contrast, who doesn’t like practical classes that involve engagement, sharing of ideas, and audio and visuals of what you are learning. Short involvement of senses in a classroom makes a bigger impact on a student’s thought process.

Hardik Shah, 28, a management student from Mumbai, comes from a hardcore business family that has been manufacturing books from scratch for over 20 years. On realising the impact digital education can make in the years to come, he began to dream about the possibility of making offline education available to all.

Hardik Shah

But why promote a paperless medium when your family business is making paper?

According to Hardik, digital education in India and going paperless are two very different things.

“We are promoting digital education to understand the subjects and concepts in detail and in depth. The examinations, rough work and taking notes will still have to be done on paper. The Indian school segment is very different from the international one and dependency on paper will continue,” he says.

Apart from this, going digital is the strategy of the team at E-class to stay future-ready. With E-class, Hardik believes technology can transcend traditional boundaries and enable a ‘customised self-paced learning.’

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