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Where good food and shopping go hand in hand 

When good food and music meet open space for work, relaxation and amusingly an outlet to shop, what else could anyone want? Located alongside the lively road of Lazimpat is Fashion Delicacy, the nook of Ranibari Marg is Mitini Café and Shop, and opposite the American Embassy in Maharajgunj is Café Tara – places where food comes with a package of other services, and great services to boot.

You can treat yourself to some indulgent shopping experience at these places after you have had some delicious food at the restaurant area. Afar from the hustle bustle and trouble of the overcrowded shopping centers, these places are ideal for people who want a comfortable shopping experience. Also, if you want to get a dash of shopping done while you are out to eat during your lunch break, you know where to head.

These fun yet indulgent places are also places you should be this winter season when you might be feeling a bit too lazy to go around town but at the same time might want to give into that shopping itch. So sit back, order a cup of coffee or a sandwich and do some shopping when you feel rested enough.

Fashion Delicacy

A boutique café which has been running since July last year, Fashion Delicacy exhibits its huge space of hallway with separate corners dedicated to live gaming, thakali dining, fine dining, and boutique display. The aura of the coffee beans grinded at the espresso bar, catchy music coming through the projector screen and a ready-to-play-guitar standing alongside a couch, the ambience of the place blends well with the collection of impressive bridal and traditional wear shimmering at the corner. The boutique cafe supports two rural schools by donating 25% of its total profits.

Food and live gaming


The Chicken a la Kiev is a crispy chicken stuffed with mixed vegetables and seasoned with salt and pepper. The barbecue sauce lends a sweet and sour flavor to the dish that makes it refreshing and light on the taste buds. The crispy chicken with vegetable perfectly balances the nutritional value as well as the taste factor making this dish the perfect thing to have for lunch or dinner.

The cafe also hosts live gaming and they don’t hold tickets. The gaming night sees huge groups supporting their respective teams, thus encouraging pre-booking.

Over at the boutique


Fashion Delicacy

The boutique displays custom designed women wear that are stitched and embroidered by the staff at the boutique cafe. These unique items are also showcased at Kupondole and Patan. These pieces are known to have high demand online and have been delivered as far as Japan.

Conference hosting

The space is open for conference hosting with the capacity to facilitate 200 people. They have combo meals for such events and a very spacious underground as well as backyard parking. Various banks have often held their events here in their lovely yet spacious area.

Cafe Tara

A cafe cum clothing store, Cafe Tara overlooks the Maharajgunj road, and it is right opposite the American Embassy. Here, one can sit and sip seasonal special coffee and grab a quick lunch. Nepal is mostly a tea drinking nation but here you might be forced to change your mind. You will find the wait staff in Tara t-shirts ready to serve you with a smile at all times. The service is also quick and courteous.

Tara Cafe


This café is the ideal place to head to if you are in need of some relaxing time for yourself.

Tara Cafe serves seasonal special coffee. For winter, their special coffee is Vanilla Latte with almonds. For lunch, momo, burger and sandwich are in high liking of the customers. Their reading corner boasts a good collection of Reader’s Digest. This café is the ideal place to head to if you are in need of some relaxing time for yourself.

Tara clothing store

The clothing store has an appealing display of formals, sweater, trousers, shoes, bags and fur with a spacious trial room and a full length mirror. However, the store has clothes for women only so the men might want to sit at the café sipping on some hot, delicious coffee while their ladies do the shopping. The clothes are imported from Bangkok and are quite reasonably priced.

Mitini Cafe and Shop

Mitini means soul mates (used for girls) according to the Nepali tradition. The owners here named their cafe ‘mitini’, hoping to be a mitini to vulnerable members of the society. It is a venture which carries the objectives to strengthen the ability of fair trade and small-scale producers in Nepal and to empower women and socially disadvantaged individuals by providing them skill training of garment production and cafe business. And they are indeed doing a good job in helping the disadvantaged communities in and around Kathmandu.

Cafe Mitini


Café Mitini aims to promote coffee culture in Nepal by serving coffee in many ways such as Hand-drip, Dutch, French press and Espresso. And they seem to be doing quite a good job with more and more people thronging the café for their brilliant coffee. They serve homemade bakery items as well as light snacks. The brownie here is to die for. The café also works as a social initiative. It not only serves great coffee and cakes, but also offers skill training needed to run a café business for women and socially disadvantaged people. Their aim is to create jobs and sustainable social values.

Catering services and open space

They provide seminar rooms with facilities and catering services such as freshly brewed coffee, homemade bakery items and light snacks making it the perfect place to hold a meeting or an important event. And because the coffee here is unlike anywhere else, you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing Café Mitini for your work related events. Also, they is no over the top decoration and the staffs are really helpful.

Shop Mitini

Shop Mitini is a multi-brand concept store that introduces fair trade producer groups and small-scale producers of Nepal. They promote producers’ stories and provide a sales platform for ethically made products so that small producers can grow and consumers can contribute to tackle the issues of poverty and inequality through their everyday shopping.

Design Academy Mitini

Design Academy Mitini offers Design and Skill training programs to nurture professionals in garment production industry as well as special workshop programs for the ethical producers in Nepal. Through intensive technical courses in design, sewing and pattern making, they aim to not only offer quality education for those in need but to train their students to be ready for the international standard of garment production industry. Through tailor-made special workshops for each producer, Design Academy Mitini helps ethical Nepali enterprises get connected with wider audiences in the international market.