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boxing training centre being made in far west


Kanchanpur, Oct 24: A sophisticated boxing training centre is constructed in Kanchanpur district.Undertaken by Kanchanpur Boxing Association, the centre was constructed at a cost of six million rupees and is also the biggest one in the region. It is slated to be inaugurated on November 4.

Built with the financial aid of various government and private sectors and individuals, the centre will engrave the names of the aide in a stone, according to the coach of the centre, Dambar Dutta Bhatta.

Of all, the Nepal army’s Number 25 Brigade has contributed the highest, amounting to around Rs 2 million, informed Bhatta. The centre can accommodate around 300 to 400 audiences.

Lok Bahadur Thakuri, the chairman of the Boxing Association believed that the making of the training centre could significantly contribute towards the development of boxing game.


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