The Breakers, in a bid to break comfort zones

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Featuring Asmi Shrestha, Saunak Bhatta and Swagat Nepal on its first episode, the event promoted the idea that playing everything safe to avoid fear is not the only option in life.

Kathmandu, August 18, 2017: ‘The Breakers’, a talk show initiated by Presidential Business School, had its first episode kick off yesterday under the theme ‘Comfort Zone’. It is a platform to promote affirmative changes in society through youths.

Featuring Asmi Shrestha, Saunak Bhatta and Swagat Nepal on its first episode, the event promoted the idea that playing everything safe to avoid fear is not the only option in life. Sometimes, it is necessary to break the stereotypes and break the comfort zones we have drawn. A very cheerful and energetic audience embraced the event waiting to be inspired.

Asmi Shrestha, Swagat Nepal and Saunak Bhatta (From L to R)
Trapped in between the tussle of her dream and fear, Asmi chose her dreams.

Asmi Shrestha, Miss Nepal World 2016, shared her experience in Miss Nepal where she conquered her fear of public speaking. She had problems adjusting and fitting in social groups when she shifted to Kathmandu from Chitwan. That was when her dream of participating in Miss Nepal triggered her back again and she thought of taking a step forward. She groomed herself as a model but realized public speaking was something she still needed to work on. Trapped in between the tussle of her dream and fear, she chose her dreams.

With intensive training and her continuous efforts to get better at it despite getting de-motivated at times, she finally won the title of Miss Nepal World in 2016. Today, she trains a bunch of students and helps them groom and lead. “Opportunities will come your way but don’t let your fear come in between. Learn to say ‘yes’ to opportunities and see where it takes you. Meanwhile, remember that in the name of stepping out of the comfort zone, don’t just get carried away with things that are not meant for you. Know your platform and try to break the hard ice accordingly,” suggested Shrestha.

Swagat Nepal, a renowned lawyer, journalist, media content provider and presenter, shed light on the struggles and hardships he faced during his early days. He had to work day and night to manage fees for his education. In between, he faced a lot of tough times but he always thought he was born to do something and he had to acquire it. No one ever thought that the quiet and introvert kid Swagat Nepal would someday turn into a lawyer with fierce debating skills. The key lied in his positive attitude of accepting challenges and moving forward.

Swagat Nepal

He expressed, “Stepping out of the comfort zone is the best way for you to grow. We need to understand conscience is greater than knowledge and wisdom is greater than conscience. And, wisdom lies in keeping yourself open to challenges.” Lastly, he shared some ways how we could build confidence by improving posture, gestures and attitude.

The talks then followed a drama presented by students of Presidential Business School. The drama, inspired by the real story of a student of the college, demonstrated how he transformed himself from a petrified student to a confident person overcoming his fears. The story included how he feared people and communicating but ended up on a positive note, initiating efforts to groom with the help of a teacher. The student whose story was taken was later felicitated in the event for breaking the bubble.

Saunak Bhatta, a popular motivational speaker, started off describing his level of comfort zone. Recalling his early childhood and teenage experiences, he shared his love of living in his comfort circle back then. Eventually, he realized that he couldn’t enjoy in that boundary and decided to break that. According to him, there are two types of comfort zones: one that gives you temporary happiness and kills your coming future and the other one which is suitable for lazy people.

“My comfort zone was to do something I am passionate about, something that makes me restless, inspires me to be happier, and motivates me to reach my potentials. Choose a comfort zone that inspires you to be a better human being. But remember, there is a limitation in this zone. It will take you to one moment but can’t uplift you further. So you need to stretch yourself to an unusual phase. Once you conquer it, your horizon of comfort zone becomes wider and you’ll see the magic happen. Real authenticity is when you move out of your comfort zone and discover yourself. That’s when you realize you are the best gift you can give to this world,” he opined.

Saunak Bhatta

By Drishti Maharjan