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Breast Cancer Survivor Story of Juliet KC Maskey


Story of a lady who was married at the age of 20, became mother at 21, was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 27th birthday, had to sacrifice one of her breasts, fought and defeated the disease, and is happily living then after.

Everything was going well in Juliet KC Maskey’s life until her 27th Birthday when she suddenly started to feel pain in her chest. When she went for the checkup, she found that she was suffering from breast cancer in its second stage.

She was extremely saddened after knowing about the disease. She thought her days were numbered. But, her husband consoled her and assured that not all those who suffer from cancer die.

Juliet shared this story amidst a breast cancer awareness camp and interaction programme organized in Kathmandu on May 13, Saturday. “Your life doesn’t end immediately after cancer is detected in you. Do I look unwell now?” she asked the participants present on the programme.

After getting diagnosed with cancer, she went to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital in India for the check-up, and had a breast surgery. She had to let go of all her fears. “There is no reason of feeling bad,” she shared.

Two weeks after the operation, she had to go through chemotherapy. As a side effect the chemotherapy, her hair started to fall. She was very sad for this, as a lady loses her beauty when she loses her hair. But, she was still satisfied that the medicine worked. The chemotherapy process took around 3-4 months.

After chemotherapy was over, she had to go through radiations.

The whole process of treating the cancer took around 1 year.

She defeated the cancer by her confidence and the proper treatment. Her doctors as well as family members are happy for her confidence. Speaking from the podium, she thanked her husband for supporting her on all these procedures, and being a very good partner in life.

As per the advice of doctors, she had to take medicines for 10 years. Out of which, seven years have already been over.

“If you feel that you are getting some symptoms of the cancer, please go for checkup,” she asked the participants on the occasion. “We need not be shy on this,” she added.

Similar to Juliet, Manisha Koirala was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and survived the disease. “If timely treatment is available, breast cancer can be fully cured,” she shared.

On the occasion, she also shared a 4 line poem, which reads:

Currently, Juliet is actively working on spreading awareness of breast cancer.

She is an example of brave lady who had the courage to fight a disease that is still hidden in Nepali society. We all should admire her for the confidence and courage to fighting the cancer.

Presentation: Basanta Kumar Dhakal

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