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Bringing humility and changes as its name: Samarthya Nepal (Photo Feature)


Arjun Bhusal was born and raised in a small village in Madi, Chitwan. His upbringing made him witness and experience many ups and downs in the lives of people around him. But Arjun never knew the worries of the world outside his sphere were immense than what he had witnessed.

With the course of time, Bhusal shifted to Bharatpur for his higher studies where he got an exposure to the outer world and an opportunity to face the real world. Arjun saw the critical conditions of youths and street children. They were pored with the problems of addiction, unemployment and heavy impression of western culture.

He observed these issues intensify more than before on a daily basis. He stood against those challenges to bring a positive change in the society. ‘Samarthya Nepal’, was his answer to these societal problems. Inaugurated two years ago as a social venture, today Samarthya Nepal is a recognized national social organization of the country.

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Samarthya Nepal has rooted itself as a dedicate organization since its inception. Major cities of Nepal- Bharatpur, Nepalganj, Kailali and Dhangadi were a part of Samarthya’s ‘All Nepal Sanitation Campaign’. Their helping hands have reached from food distribution in Jumla to relief material transportation for the flood victims of the country. An example of a humanitarian work done by this organization counts as instant blood donation services to the needy. Today more than three hundred people owe their life to Samarthya’s aid. From family and friends to the helping hands throughout the world, Samarthya has gained positive feedbacks, encouragement, and affection for their humility.

For operating their social works, they have been doing charity shows, promotion through social media sites and cultural events in festive occasions. Recently, they are offering financial help to the family of a four-year-old baby suffering from cancer.

Samarthya intends to continue and intensify its social works in the coming days. Addiction awareness, self- motivation programs and ‘Home for Homeless’ are the upcoming ventures Samarthya Nepal aspires to bring into action in the near future.

By: Aastha Lamsal

Correspondent, Glocal Khabar