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Bringing textbooks to life on stage

Kathmandu, November 23, 2016: At a time when educators are trying to make course books and curricula relevant to the modern day and age, Theatre Mall in the Capital has embarked on a project of staging a play right out of the textbooks. The theatre’s new drama, Bahulakajiko Sapana, on stage since November 16, brings to life the drama penned by Bijaya Malla which is part of the high-school curriculum across the country. The play, which casts both students and theatre professionals, was staged after a three month acting workshop held at the theatre.

Originally penned by litterateur Malla—about aspirations parents have for their children, regardless of their socio-economic status—the current rendition of the play has been adapted so as the play’s dialogues and scenes are relevant for its high school audiences. The play has been directed by Shankhar Bhandari.

A familiar tale for most of the attendees, Bahulakaji ko Sapana tells the tale of Bahulakaji, the titular character, who tries to overcome the prejudice and discrimination in the society, while also inspiring others who are underprivileged to voice their concerns.

The play features Rajendra Bhatt, Arjun Poudel, Ganesh Poudel, Madan Parajuli, Raji Dhamala, Shiva Pariyar in the lead roles, and is being staged on a booking-basis.