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Britain to help attack IS targets: PM

londra(cihan)-ingilterede demokrasi ayaginin en eski unsurlarindan biri olan muhafazakar partide, uzun bir suredir devam eden lider boslugu, degisim yanlilarinin adayi david cameron(fotograftaki) mu, yoksa muhafazakarlarin adayi david davis'den birinin secilmesiyle sona erecek.(cihan-mustafa koker-09.11.2005)

LONDON, July 19 (Xinhua) , 2015: Britain is committed to working with the United States in attacking the Islamic State (IS) target in Syria and Iraq, said British Prime Minister David Camaron Sunday in a TV interview with U.S. TV network NBC.

Camaron said that he expects Britain to “do more” than just provide logistical support for American attacks against the IS, and he needed to “take Parliament with him.”

Two years ago, British members of parliament voted against a proposed military action in Syria.
In his most explicit comments to date on the terrorist threat to Britain, Cameron said: “I want Britain to do more. Be in no doubt, we are committed to working with you to destroy the caliphate in both countries.”

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