The British College distributes blankets to Paswan Community of Rautahat

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Rautahat, January 24, 2018: The British College has distributed warm blankets to the Dalit community of Badarawa, JillaDurga-05 municipality of Rautahat District.

Under the supervision of Mahendra Kandel, the director of The British College, the college provided warm blankets to the 175 families who are basically flood victims and destitute.

British College- Glocal Khabar

This humanitarian project was successfully accomplished with the help of Avimanyu Kumar Patel, the social activist of Rautahat and journalist of Madesh Pradesh online.

Avimanyu Kumar Patel opined, “Due to adverse winter dews in Terai, 24 people already lost their lives. Even though they are facing these hard times, none of the governmental organizations are really interested to help them. It’s really beaming that The British College, Kathmandu aided those Paswan families handing them warm blankets.”

People from 50 houses of Paswan Tole near the bank of Bagmati river are the regular sufferer of floods every year. They are compelled to sustain the lives of slums. They have had their hopes of a good life shattered after regular betrayal from the political parties that ignite hopes before the election and don’t fulfill their needs after the election.