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BUCKET LIST: List of My Wishes

The Bucket List concept is a list of all things you plan to do and places to see before you die or kick the bucket.

Life is uncertain. Do the things that you like to do? Don’t wait for tomorrow. Go with the Flow.”-these few sentences do add beauty in my definition of Life. Really, you never know, what is your end and when will it be? Therefore, one needs to live life a fullest until they are here in this world.

I have a life, and my way of thinking changed along with my age. I aimed to become a doctor but eventually led my path towards the environment and conservation. I am really satisfied with what I chose because I love my work and I do have numerous passions that I can take along with my aim. However, changes persist. The things I loved at past, is no more my favorite now. Even the hobbies I got in the past, are different now. Yet, I am loving my life more and my passions driven are worth it.

In the past, I was a girl who would never step out of my house, until some important work arises. Travelling was never in my dictionary unless it was school and some compulsory events. I loved my home and I was merely an introvert. I had limited friends, with whom I shared my assignments and also my tiffin box. Now, I don’t even know where they are. However, now I love traveling and I am a fun-loving extrovert, who has lots of friends. “I am friendly”- you often hear this statement from my friends and that is obvious because I have my peer group, I spend time with, and they have my back. They say I give them the best advice, even they cannot find them at Google. I also love adventure and I am a nature lover as well.

Once, I was chit-chatting with my friend, she asked me-What’s in your bucket list? I merely didn’t have any ideas what she meant. It was the first time I got introduced with that word- “Bucket List”, and I was puzzled. I was looking at her with my shuttered eyes, hoping she would not realize I actually had no idea.  However, I was compelled to say I don’t know. She smiled and said Bucket list means a list of things to do before one dies. A list of all the things you want to try, goals you want to achieve and life experiences you want to have before you die. I then thought, then my list is many because I have lots of things to do in my life.

I thought listing the things you want to do in your life is the coolest idea. I have made a list now and I am hoping to accomplish them slowly and gradually. I think everyone should have a bucket list because it makes us think about what we want to experience in this lifetime. It also reminds us that life is short, and we should live it to its fullest. Therefore, take a diary and keep a space to create a list. You can list all the things you want to do in life, what you dream.

I also believe that Bucket List can be a useful way of dealing with the inevitability of death. However, It’s a way of denying the idea of death, not coping with it at all. People usually do this to ensure that there are things to look forward to, which means there are things that are still going to happen and that need to be done. I think it’s a way of trying to generate some excitement in life, living life with plans and living with it. Death is inevitable. However, even if some things are your bucket list fulfills, then a person becomes happy. Happiness is what matters and Even if it takes time, it’s for good.

I am thrilled to fulfill one of my wishes from the list i.e. visiting one of my dream destination TOKYO. This excites me a lot and I will collect beautiful memories. There are more other places I want to go. Hopefully, I will make it true one day because a happy soul lasts longer.

-Saru Pyakurel