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Building Mental Availability of your brand

Building Mental Availability of your brand Ajay pandey Nepal

One thing is sure that consumer does not stick to a single brand for a long time and they do not think about a brand so deep. While they need a product of a single category they buy the item that pops up first in their mind. For example, if toothpaste is finished, for the first time they will buy whichever comes in their mind.

There is no doubt that the size of a brand is directly linked up with its mental availability. Because people do not seek guidance everywhere. They will buy those things which comes first in their mind. That is the main reason why business need to grow mental market shares along with a brand.

Once a brand has set up its physical availability they need to work out on its mental availability. Choice of brand is always based on emotion rather than logic. That is why people will buy things which they feel emotionally connected to. To build up a right emotional connection with consumer, we need to get the right insights of the consumer.

After all, how consumer perceive the brand is most important. Once they feel emotionally connected to a brand, it stays for a long time. We can take the best example of success behind Patanjali brand. People buy it because they are emotionally connected with it in different ways like through its brand ambassador yoga guru, it’s ayurvedic perception, culture and so on. These are the reasons which builds up image of the brand to its customers. So, the brand emotionally connected with consumers insights can tigger purchase at right time.

Now the question arises how to build up right mental availability of a brand. For that, it is more important if consumers can identify the right physical assets which means they are aware of not only name but also the logo, tagline, brand color and so on. These things should be decided on the basis of research on how consumers want to perceive it. They should not get confuse with similar content.

Gone the era where companies used to link their brand with the features. Now, they link with emotions. The best example of this would be sales growth of Coca-Cola after its launch of a new branding strategy in Nepal. That strategy launched not only increased the number of sales but build long-term connections. Because when they buy a product it reminds them of their dear ones. This strategy was loved by Nepali people and replicated in India too. Things are similar with the cement companies which used to position their brand on product features now link more with future and happiness and so on because that is how people feel connected.

The sad thing is people today are more focused on being digital but invest in social media in an improper way. The ad boosted in social media fails to connect with the emotions of people in short period of time.

The brand strategy of a company should be based on insights and perception of the consumer. I follow and suggest CRAFT module to my friends and clients to plan brand strategy. Conviction, to shape advertising brilliantly. Resources, to have the right people with the right skills. Approach, to make the creative process delivering a clear, simple and realistic brand. Foundation, to build the backbone on brand strategy on belief and insights of consumers. Last but not least Teamwork, the perfect cooperation between team member inside the agency and client-agency relation leads to the perfect delivery of brand works.

While working for any brand works, things should be decided thinking about the mental availability of consumers. Making sure people will buy those things which comes first in their mind instead to compare the features of a product.

By: Ajay Pandey