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Buildings Without Approved Design To Be Demolished


Biratnagar, June 2, 2015: More than two and a half-storied constructed buildings without approved design is being prepared to demolish by the Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan City, Executive Officer of Sub-metropolitan City Gopal Prasad Regmi said.

Executive Officer Regmi said that a meeting of sub-metropolitan city’s ward secretaries would be called soon to this effect. He added that by flouting the building code the secretaries would be directed to demolish the constructed physical infrastructures. Construction of maximum of two and a half-storied building is allowed building code by the existing government in Biratnagar.

Further, Executive Officer Regmi said that the house owners would be pre-informed to demolish their houses and if the locals refused to demolish themselves the municipality would charge the entire demolition cost. Engineer at the Sub-metropolitan City Bharat Neupane said that most of the buildings in the town are built against the existing code.


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