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When hot, sizzling and sweat dripping scorching sun roasts a person in a bad way, one starves for season of monsoon. Monsoon usually occurs in between the months of June and July, especially in the region of South Asia.

Monsoon, considered to be one of the most romanticizing seasons of mother earth. From drops of rain down pouring with different rhythms to expression of peacock’s gratitude via its dance, gives us a sense of pleasure. From settling down of dust particles to cooling down the heated soil, makes surrounding more astounding. From tiny earthworm to frog to gigantic humans rain allures every one most of the time. Everything becomes clean, clear and cool and above all weather demands cups of hot tea/coffee along with some deep fried snacks. People usually love to enjoy their time with family, friends and beloved ones in a warm and cozy environment.

But on contradiction, things may not go as per the plan and expectations most of the time. Monsoon can not be pleasant and decent every time just as we think. This can go severe and crucial resulting lots of disaster to happen. Since its natural cycle taking place on timely basis it creates much of the negative impacts too.

Monsoon creates natural calamities like floods, landslides, soil erosion etc. due to excessive rainfall which is often seen in the context of Nepal. It creates many life casualties and property destruction. It can spread some communicable diseases too as water borne disease. Its impact has long list to go

Monsoon is considered to be the Finance minister in most of the agriculture dependent country also creating some impact in business too. Same consideration is valid in Nepal’s context too.

Most of our agriculture practice do not have proper irrigation facility. So our farmers are dependent on rainfall during monsoon to yield crops. If in any of the year, there is adequate amount of rainfall, farmers can harvest proper quality and quantity of food crops and this has a good impact on nation’s economy. Just as the same way, finance minister plays vital role to mold the nation’s economy, a proper monsoon and proper production could lead towards prosper economy of nation.

But at the same time it has some maledictions too. Just like as creating natural calamities excessive rainfall can result improper ratio in production of crops that has a direct impact not only among the nations economy but nations residents are also affected in the same manner. Less amount of rainfall can create drought or even desertification that results lack of proper water facility and proper conditions to yield crops and vegetables.

In a question asked to a local farmer – how do you except monsoon in a year, he replies “ Monsoon is so unpredictable to us. Sometimes it make enough rainfall that we do farming that year with an overwhelming heart and lots of hope to gain our effort as in form of good quantity of production. But when it rains heavily, it also creates a feeling of despair in us. But also the inadequate amount of rainfall makes us feel the same.” 

Accordingly, a local businessman who owns a grocery shop at Kalimati  explains his notion as “ Monsoon is alike incomprehension subject to us. It has created several impact on our business. The product i.e. vegetables that we sell are supposed to be sold out in just a day of one or two. If this can not happen then we will have rotten items and loss in our business too. So during monsoon there is very little chance of our products getting good market. We always have to run the business with feeling of fear”

Yes it is true in context of Nepal where we don’t have proper facility of storage of some products that are supposed to be sold out in very little time can create a negative impact on business as they get rotten and decrement in their quality. Not just the business of groceries other business are also affected in the same ratio.

Once the monsoon starts our blacktopped roads gets filled with mud and dirt. The ditches that has not been renovated yet gets filled with water and drainage problem still exists. Also there is equal chances of vehicles splashing water over pedestrians. In such terrible conditions, people do not tend to get out of their house for any reason and the market gets its customer in very less numbers. Its ultimate impact is seen upon business and its economy. So monsoon never gives that overwhelming feeling to business man from their business.

But monsoon can not just have its negative side, it has its unfolded positive aspect too. During summer and winter we often complain that we are not able to do our stuff be it with study or work as winter chills you at very low temperature and summer wants you to take bath only with its ever ranging hot temperature.

But monsoon has such mild and pleasant environment that it allows you to do your indoor activities in a calm and composed way. It is so amazing to work in such weather. You can have some hot liquors and keep yourself warm then continue your study or work. Summer and winter often make people lazy during the day time but monsoon makes you active with its adjusting temperature.

To sum up, monsoon has its two dimensions to create an impact. But we need to admit the fact that it’s an inevitable cycle of nature and play a vital role in humans life too. For the negative impact that it creates we need to be cautious prior so that we can strategize properly and reduce its harm. And just enjoy the perks of monsoon.

Also business holders also need to plan in proper way to foster their business in monsoon. So that monsoon can be a boon for Nepal’s economy.  

-Madhu Dhakal