The startup story of Pawan Subedi, proprietor of Hotel Aayushma in Pyuthan

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During my recent visit to Pyuthan, I got to meet Pawan Subedi and listen to his story of starting up a quality hotel in the town. It was the first time I stayed in a hotel for a duration of whole one-month. Seeing the ambiance,and quality of service in the hotel, I had thought that the hotel owner must be from Kathmandu or similar other cities as starting a new enterprise generally requires you to have previously worked in a similar field or have a network of friends in similar businesses. But I was wrong.

Pawan Subedi, the proprietor of the hotel is a young guy from a village in Pyuthan. After completing Bachelors in Hotel Management, he saw a dream of having a nice hotel in his home district itself. With the assistance from his uncle, he formally started the Aayushma Hotel in Jumri of Pyuthan in Asar, 2073 BS.

Sharing the beginning days of the hotel business, Subedi mentioned that it was little challenging for him as he didn’t have much experience in the field, along with the financial aspect. With the initial investment of one crore rupees, he rented the hotel building having 17 rooms. The hotel can accommodate around 35-40 guests at any single time, and also houses two meeting halls with seating capacities of 40 and 80 people.

Later on, he invested fifty lakhs more in the hotel for the upgradation of services.

As per Subedi, it’s the I/NGO workers who mainly visit the hotel. With the quiet and friendly ambiance and availability of two meeting/training halls, institutional guests frequent the hotel to conduct various programmes.

When I asked what might be the challenges for youth entrepreneurship, he mentioned that this type of businesses have to go through various obstacles, including lack of supports from government, society, as well as the commitment from employees. Though his family didn’t believe his idea in the beginning, Subedi now feels glad to get support from his family and see the gradual growth in business. “It has motivated me to do better in the days ahead,” he shared.

At a time when going abroad for study or job is a popular trend, he wants to suggest the youngsters that we can do our best in Nepal itself.

“As I also took a huge risk, and started this enterprise in my locality, it is not impossible to do anything if we really want,” he shares, adding, “There are obstacles everywhere, but we can do it if we really want.”

There are obstacles everywhere, but we can do it if we really want.

By Kusum KC