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CA contnues deliberations on CPDCC report

CA contnues deliberations on CPDCC report
CA contnues deliberations on CPDCC report

Kathmandu,19 Dec 2014: The Constituent Assembly (CA) continued deliberations on the report of the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) on the fifth consecutive day, today.

Taking part in the deliberations in today’s meeting, the CA members were clearly divided over the process for settling the disputed issues seen in course of drafting a new constitution, reflecting the stances of their respective parties regarding the matters.

CPN (UML) lawmaker Bishnu Poudel argued for going for a process to finalise the disputed issues if consensus was not possible. Promulgation of a new constitution by upcoming January 22 would be easier if the parties in majority and minority go ahead with the acceptance of mutual existence.

Kamala Panta of Nepali Congress stressed the constitution-drafting not be disrupted for any reason as it has been already agreed to issue a new constitution on coming January 22. “Constitution is not for any particular party or an individual, rather it is for the entire people and it should be issued even by going through a process if the consensus remains at bay.”

Prabhu Saha of UCPN (Maoist) argued that there was no alternative to a consensus in the constitution-drafting and the party would protest if the majority system is adopted in it. The CPDCC has the participation of all political parties and an agreement on the contentious issues be sought within it, he added.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal’s Bikram Thapa was in line of giving more value to people’s sentiments than the partisan interests while drafting a new constitution. He underlined the need of broader talks and discussions on the issues of restructuring of the state and form of governance.

Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal’s Lal Bahadur Raut said consensus-based system is necessary than the majority one in the drafting of a new constitution.

CPN (UML)’s Bhanubhakta Dhakal called for the settling the unresolved issues though a majority process.

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