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CA Students Extending Hands for Relief in around 7 districts and 1000 families


May 18, 2015:  Earthquake Relief Fund in  the joint efforts by ACAN (Association of Chartered Accountants Of Nepal) and NCASA (Nepal Chartered Accountants Association Of Nepal) with Around 7 districts were directly benefited with the relief items. Around 1000 families directly received various forms of relief items.

The after shocks that followed the major earthquake of 7.9 rector scale misbalanced  the whole economy. The disaster affected the lives of millions of people, destroyed Thousands of houses and the death of hundreds of people.

The support for the event was more than commendable. Hundreds of joined the cause and helped the fund by the possible amount of Voluntary CASH contribution and Kind Support. Around 1 million Rupees was collected  which was helpful in distributing the relief items as Tent,  Medical assistance, Food Items , water , sanitation Items and other essential tools.

There had  been various active members for this event who have contributed  day and night through their presence and required help for this Nobel cause. Around  100 Volunteers were mobilized in various groups .

The support, direction , motivation and Help From the Senior CAs, the members of ACAN and their encouragement helped the program to reach new momentum . Sincerely their effort added the flow of massive energy in the team.

11216003_977250608954457_1517440183_nThe first Project started at Kalika ,Sindupalchowk. Since Sindupalchowk was the most affected area throughout the earthquake the team with the  help of CA student and Local affected, Mr. Surya Neupane reached there. The team for Kalika, Sindupalanchowk  Included the Volunteers, Members from NCASA and CAs. The Program was a very successful one and supported the relief for around 120 households. The relief items were around 42 tents, 20 cartoons of noodles,dalmoth , sanitary packs and various other medical assistance. A group of medical team was led by Mr. Shreedhar Khanal , who put his brilliant efforts to coordinate in Free Medical camp.

The Next destination was Dhuskun ,Sindupalchowk. The team stayed overnight to distribute goods that were collected.  Around 200 families were served in this project . Our team collaborated with Ayon for the supply of the Relief items.With much difficulty this team reached the targeted area with the  relief items as Noodles, Bitten rice, sanitary packs (Each Comprising of A soap, 2 brush , 3 mask and 1 paste),tent , and others.

The Next destination was Bhaktapur, Byasi. Though very near to the capital , not much resources and relief was deployed to the area hence our team decided to reach the area with the relief items as Dalmot, Bitten rice, Noodles, tents and other items of sanitation.

11195526_977250598954458_884451177_n (1)The Next destination was Nuwakot. The places like Marlung and Chaughara was assessed and provided with the relief Items. Around  90 households were benefited in this event.  A medical team  was deployed to the area with Two doctors for  Free Medical Camp. The  items as Noodles, sanitation packs and tents were distributed to the local people.

The Next Destination was Borlang ,Gorkha. Gorkha is one of the most affected area through Earthquake. The team took the risk to go into the remote area of Gorkha for the relief. A medical team also was sent with medicines that would help the local people.  Around 110 households were directly benefited by the relief Program. The Relief items included  small household packs ( Each pack consisted of 2 kg of Rice, 1 kg of Salt, 0.5 kg of pulse and 1kg of Potato) and sanitation packs, tents and Medical Supplies. A medical team was also available for the free camp that helped people with physical and mental trauma.

The Other Destination was Marutol, Basantapur. The team led by The president of ACAN and NCASA led the team and helped the people  by distributing Relief Items. Around 300 households were distributed with Rice, potato, pulse and Salt. Around 300 packs were made that was given to every Household.

CA Students Extending Hands for ReliefThe next project was at Pipaldada, Sindupalanchowk . Our team reached there with the basic relief items.  Around 130 families were covered by this relief program. The relief items as Noodles, Biscuits, bitten rice, salt, rice and others were distributed.

The other Project was launched in Jyamire, Sindupalachowk.  Around 110 households were directly benefited by the relief items. The relief items included the sanitation packs and the food items including Biscuits, noodles , salt , rice and pulse.

The next program was launched at Lubu,Lalitpur. Around 80 households were benefited by the program.

The team also conducted a sanitation program at Balaju by the Help and support of over 15 volunteers.Around 100 packs of sanitation packets was handed to Redcross Bhaktapur.

BY: Rusha Giri


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