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Cake To Ring In Christmas

Cake To Ring In Christmas
Cake To Ring In Christmas

Kathmandu,16 November,2014: To mark the upcoming Christmas celebrations, Hotel Annapurna organised an annual cake-mixing ceremony at its premises , in Durbarmarg, on November 15. The cake- mixing activity is traditionally considered  a way to usher in the season of good tidings and happiness.

Held at the hotel’s Juneli Bar Terrace, this year’s cake-mixing ceremony was attended by children from Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF), media representatives and hotel staff. The programme was moderated by the hotel’s general manager, Abhinav Narsingh Rana, who says that the ceremony is a fun way to start preparing for Christmas.

During the event, students from NYF and other representatives from various social organisations gathered around the table to mix all the ingredients—plum, raisin, mixed peels, apricot, almond flax and candied orange, among others.

To add more flavour and to make the fruitcake moist, the liquid ingredients—including beer, rum and champagne—were later folded in with the dry ones.

The fruit cake will be served to guests on December 25, Christmas Day.

“The mixtures of the various ingredients were packed and then stored in a dry place for a long time, to allow for the developing of enticing aromas and flavours,” the chef of Hotel Annapurna, Situ Ratna Sthapit, said.

“A certain amount of the proceeds collected from the event will go towards benefitting the children of NYF,” the hotel’s Communication Executive, Garima Rana, said.



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