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Call for Application: Young Leaders Initiative


Application is now open for a new class of Young leaders.

The Young Leaders Initiative is powered by the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, in collaboration with other partners. The Initiative is part of the Global Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015 and housed in the Envoy’s Office.

The Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global citizens who will be recognized for their outstanding leadership in their efforts to achieve the Goals. They come from diverse backgrounds, represent every region in the world and help activate young people in support of the Goal.


The Young Leaders will come together as a community to support efforts to engage young people in the realization of the SDGs both through strategic opportunities with the UN and through their existing initiatives, platforms and networks. They are expected to actively support one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Advocate for the Goals, in ways most accessible and relatable to young people across different contexts;
  2. Promote innovative ways of engaging their audiences and peers in the advocacy and realization of the Goals;
  3. Contribute to a brain trust of young leaders supporting the UN and partners for key moments and initiatives related to the Goals.

Deadline: November 3, 2017

You can view the details here.