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Call for Applications: Karnali Immersion Fellowship 2017


Karnali Immersion Fellowship provides the researchers and young activists with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the richness and bottlenecks prevalent in districts far from urban influence. The fellowship is an opportunity for youth to feel the depth of issues and enhance the richness pertinent in rural parts of Karnali.

Since 2015, seven fellows have immersed in remote parts of Mugu, Kalikot, Dolpa, Jumla, and have published their experiences and insights in major media outlets.


  • Provide an opportunity to researchers and young activists to immerse in the realities of Karnali.
  • Use the passion and creativity of young people to research, document and disseminate the realities.
  • Support the work of local organizations.

Immersion Format:

  1. Introductory Bootcamp

    A one day non-residential bootcamp will introduce the participants to each other; major thematic issues relevant to the immersion area; tools and techniques of research.

  2. Self-study Phase

    This phase will last for two weeks to four weeks where participants will work on their proposal. They might also purpose a topic of their own interest. They will review secondary resources and consult experts to develop their proposal to be undertaken during their immersion phase. A presentation will have to be made at the end of the phase.

The applicants can choose anyone of the themes given below or purpose their own.

  1. Arid Agriculture/Agriculture in Karnali,
  2. Socio-economic-ecologic Impact of Yarsa Collection,
  3. Effect of Migration,
  4. Folklore/Culture,
  5. Comparison of rituals between mainstream and Karnali cultures,
  6. Road and its Impacts, or
  7. Any topic of individual’s interest in Karnali (subject to negotiation)
  1. Departure Orientation

    A departure orientation will be provided information relating to their immersion. An immersion plan will be prepared by the fellows in consultation with the local organizations. Safety details will also be explored. Each participant will be allocated a focal organization in their respective districts.

  2. The Immersion Phase:

    The immersion phase will last for 2 weeks to 2 months where participants will be hosted with an organization in a rural part of Karnali. They will execute their research there. This phase will provide then an opportunity to live the life of villagers, understand reality, document stories, and connect and make friends with locals.

  3. The Sharing Phase:

    A presentation of their research finding will be held back in Kathmandu. They will also write a report on their observation. They will be encouraged to distill the report into a newspaper article/or create a blog featuring a particular issue or experience.


Application Deadline: March 25th, 2017

Introductory Bootcamp: April, 2017

The Immersion Phase will try to accommodate individual needs (not later than October).


  • Participation in boot camp
  • Allocation of a focal organization
  • Travel allowance (by Bus)
  • Accommodation and Food Expense
  • Basic gear and accidental insurance


Age and education is no barrier, anyone can apply.

To Apply, visit http://bit.ly/2lRN93h